Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Okay, so I am FINALLY getting around to making our blog private!
It is a lot of work and my plate is full enough!

So here is what is happening:
through other friends(thank you for the great idea, and telling me how to do it!) I got the brilliant idea to have an open blog that leads to our private family blog. Hopefully this makes it easier for people to find us.

I am 98.999% positive I added all who left an comment, sent me an email, or I already had your email. If you did not get an invite leave another comment with your email again!
*I have set the comments to hide so no one will be able to see your email.

If you are reading this and haven't left your email, please do!
I would love for everyone that likes to read our blog to still be able to view it! I am happy to add you whether I know you a lot, a little, or will just be getting to know you!!! I know there are blogs out there that I find through friends and continue to look at their blogs (sadly without commenting) and then when they go private feel like I will be missing out...SO if you found me through a family member, friend, facebook, whatever the case may be I would love to add you, don't be shy!!!!