Monday, October 25, 2010

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Thursday, October 14, 2010


I love the MTV show TEEN MOM.  I watch it every week.  I don't have very many shows that I watch, but this one...yeah I'm obsessed!

One of the Teen Mom's (and her boyfriend) placed their baby for adoption.  On the season finale Tuesday night they had the great opportunity of a reunion with their birth daughter and her adoptive family after her one year birthday.

I bawled!  It was so touching.  I loved watching the Tummy Mommy and her birth daughter sharing the quiet moments of making silly faces at each other, the hugs they gave each other and the beautiful and thoughtful presents they gave her to always remember them.  I loved watching the Adoptive Mom and Tummy Mom catch up on the past year and future plans....

It was emotional for me to say the least.

Adoption is SUCH a miraculous work of our Father in Heaven!

There is a post on the private blog if you want to read it, and listen to the songs I added to my play list.  I'm very emotional about my sweet boys right now....they are our life, our eternity!